The primary goal of our Educational Program is to educate or increase learning and knowledge to Participants of our community.

The groups of people who are involved with this mission are fully prepared to contribute to the education process such as:

  1. School-Based Educational Programs including higher-level learning.
  2. School-Related Tutoring Programs
  3. School-Based At-Risk Youth Programs
  4. Adult-Continuing Education
  5. Community-Serving School-Based Groups
  6. General Adult Education
  7. Workplace-Related Programs
  8. Literacy Educational Services
  9. Preschool and Nursery Programs
  10. After-hour School Programs

In order to practically implement the above declared programs, the Isaac Deres Foundation will go all-out to prepare individuals work with young Ethio-Americans in realizing their full potential as human beings and citizens. The program is also designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to create and administer the plan that support the Youth in meeting the challenge of developing their emotional, physical, social and intellectual qualities.

The group of volunteers who are genuinely engaged with this very important task will perform four main fundamentals:

  1. Educating students who are struggling in School and Life
  2. Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning
  3. Core principles for Engaging Young Ethio-Americans to make a change in the community
  4. Strengthening After-School Programs for Older Youth through Policy and Practice

The Isaac Deres Foundation has a strongly structured belief that Ethio-American youth deserves High-Quality-After school Programs, summer and weekend programs which will provide them with opportunities to improve their lives in three general phases:

  1. School performance
  2. Feelings and attitudes
  3. Indicators of behavioral adjustment

The foundation also believes that there are four most significant reasons why After-School Program matter:

  1. The program provides extended learning opportunities to help Ethio-Americans
  2. Youth to meet and exceed academics standards and develop important social, personal, civic, and important skills for employment
  3. The program offers a comprehensive, holistic approach to serving our Ethio-American youth by providing specialized services such as parent workshops and English-language classes
  4. The program provides Ethio-American youth a safe and positive environment during the after-school hours avoiding juvenile crime and risky behavior when their parents are at work
  5. After-School Program both supplement the school day by offering much-needed activities like College and Career Counseling and character education